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Bollywood babes like Rahul !!

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rahul-gandhi_4Rahul Gandhi seems to be a new chocolate boy of our nation. Though he is far away from the glamour world Bollywood, but he is hot favorite among the girls. And the bollywood babes are not too behind. Here is what they think about him

Asin:On a date with Rahul Gandhi, I would expect an entourage! As for his sex appeal, it’s his persona, charm and intelligence.

Vidya Balan:I’m confident he’ll make sure that everything’s just perfect on a date. I think the specs and white kurta-pyjama make him look very hot and graceful. Also he has a very charming smile that would make anyone connect to him instantly.

Sonam Kapoor:If I do get the chance to date him, I would spend the time applauding his courage in trying to lead our country. Sex appeal? I think Rahul Gandhi has a humane quality to him and that is the most important appeal.

Amrita Rao:It’ll be a damn interesting date… Maybe I’ll persuade him to do a film opposite me, so that he understands the industry better and grants us zero entertainment tax. His sex appeal… his specs.

Minissha Lamba:On a date with Rahul Gandhi, perhaps…Read More

Kareena smooched Akshay !!

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Kareena has already added glam to her upcoming movies Kambaqt Ishq by wearing a swimsuit, but noe the news is that she also smooched her 40+ years old co-star Akshay.
Initially kareena was not comfortable kissing Akshay, with whom her elser sis used to give staemy scens and at that time Kareena was only 12. Even Akk…Read More

Simple and Sweet Rimi Sen

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Rimi Sen is simple but very sexy actress of bollywood. She has worked in blockbusters like Dhoom. She had also worked and is still working in south Indian movies, in Tollywood. She is beautiful, cute, simple and sexy….isnt she?

ShahRukh Khan on Blender Cover

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SRK features on the cover of latest issue of the Blender.
Though he is not looking like a boy here but still looking like a ruff n tuf man..

Wat say??

Hollywood names milk shake after Mallika Sherawat

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Hollywood is famous for naming milk shakes after famous stars and our very own B-wood actress Mallika Sherawat joined the league which includes Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, David Beckham and Paris Hilton to name a …Read more

Slumdog Millionaire famed Rubina was tried to be sold???

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In a shocking news around, Slumdog Millionaire child actor Rubina Ali’s dad Rafiq Qureshi made a deal with an Arab Sheikh to sell his daughter for Rs 1.08 crore.
A sting operation was carried out by News of the World’s …Read ful story